Wild camping in Sweden

by Pete

Totally loved camping in Sweden. When you’re in for the real outdoor deal, wild camping in Sweden is your first level to an off the grid lifestyle. Last week was all about wild camping peace and quietness, improvising, beautiful nature, hiking, loads of ants and mosquitos (etc…..) sunshine, lots of water (in the shape of rain and seas), car lunching with Swedish cheese (after one week we still weren’t able to tell if we liked it),


Camping is… Time to wind down.


sleeping in a very tiny tent that didn’t fit my Deluxe S.I., setting the mini tent up and taking it down in rain. Everything that’s supposed to come with true nature camping!! Super cool experience to feel so close with Mother Nature.

Wild camping in Sweden

As one of the few countries in Europe, wild camping in Sweden is still allowed under the ‘Allemansrätten’ law: “The Right of Public Access (‘Allemansrätt’), or Outdoor Access Rights gives you the right to roam the countryside in Sweden in perfect peace and quiet.” In practice this means that you can pitch your tent almost anywhere in nature, as long as you’re at least 70 meters away from owned property and ‘cultivated land’. Stay there for a night or two without disturbing the landowner and nature. Sound perfect? Is perfect! The only downside is that you should be willing to pitch and wrap up your tent very often. I would recommend every camping fan to at least give it a try!

If you’re going for it, I recommend you to prepare some stuff

There are countless hiking trails and nature reserves in Sweden. Therefore, it’s wise to choose some nature reserves you want to visit upfront (depending on the activities you like – canoeing, hiking etc.), to check some info about wild camping spots and to pick a few hikes upfront. Many ‘badplatz’ (bathing areas) allow wild camping which is convenient when you’re travelling by car. And be aware of the fact that it can be rather cold already in August!!! (Bring your winter gear or become a snowman)

No need to say that you should leave no traces behind after moving to your next spot. The Keep Sweden Tidy foundation runs active campaigns and projects to encourage sustainable development, and protect clean water and unspoiled nature in Sweden. More information about wild camping in Sweden can be found here.

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