Xtorm AL390 18000 mAh powerbank review

by Pete

Of course I can’t afford to get out of power in nature, nor would I survive ;-) I definitely know how to unplug and have a great online/offline balance in life, but still me and my boyfriend are very digitalisch. Enjoying nature and always being able to capture it’s beauty on a charged iPhone is just wonderful! Or think about navigating your ways through the forest with a working GPS device. So for that reason I had to search for a really powerful, but small powerbank. I absolutely love the Xtorm (A-Solar) AL390 18000 mAh which I found after reading loads of reviews.



Very powerful

The Xtorm was at the moment of my search the only powerbank with which I could charge a laptop, while not being to heavy and expensive. A major advantage of this ‘pocketsize’ powerbank is that you can plug in a standard European (flat) plug, plus two USB cables (all at the same time). The results of this device didn’t disappoint me at all: charge a MacBook Pro from 3% to 54% in 54 minutes :-), as much as 5 mobile phones or even a Tristar cooler!

Tip: the packaging says it’s pre-charged, but mine wasn’t, so be sure to check before heading to the woods.

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