Vaude Power Lizard SUL 2-3P tent review

by Pete

My tiny green tent! And how I love it. It’s small, but very functional. Perfect for a one-night stay when heading to your destination, when wild camping in Scandinavia or to bring on a hiking-camping trip. Pitch it in only 15 minutes! When camping alone, it’s a perfect size for you and your stuff. When camping with 2, it get’s a little bit crowded (especially when you want to take your stuff inside). Still doable though, since it’s easy to vent the tent from the inside. Can’t imagine it would fit 3 persons (and why you would want that haha..). This super small tent isn’t only easy and fast to set up, it’s also super light weight. Or how Vaude calls it: ‘Extremely weight-optimized’. Less than 1.4 kg and it comes in a small bag. I bring it on overseas trips, so I can take my own favorite tent on the airplane. Bought the Power Lizard SUL with its matching footprint.


Sustainable camping

Vaude is one of my favorite outdoor brands, because they have a very clear sustainability mission. Camping comes with respect for nature and I think that’s inherent to making conscious decisions about the gear you buy. Vaude is dedicated to make the world a better place, by working on sustainable eco-friendly outdoor gear. This tent is from the ‘Green Shape’ range. Which means it’s made from sustainable materials and that the product is manufactured under fair working conditions along the entire supply chain. From design, through production, care and maintenance, to repair and the product’s end of life. Some stuff of Vaude is made out of recycled coffee grounds and PET-bottles! This tent is PVC-free, waterproofed in an environmentally-friendly way without fluorocarbons (PFC) etc. etc. Perfect way to work on outdoor stuff when you ask me.

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