VAUDE Badawi 4P tent review

by Pete
VAUDE Badawi 4P tent review

We love to camp with friends now and then. Therefore, we needed a large tent! (Since not everybody we like to infect with the outdoor bug owns their own tent…) We chose the VAUDE Badawi 4P which is designed for family camping, because of its measures and of course because it’s quite ‘green’. This tent of VAUDE is absolutely stunning. One of the best investments we did. The VAUDE Badawi 4P is our favourite 2-seasons tent to bring on car-camping trips in Europe.



Space, height and eco-friendly produced

The VAUDE Badawi 4P has everything you hope to get from a tent: good ventilation (so climate control), lots of light inside (with some large mesh windows), space, some nice organizer compartments/ pockets, height and it’s produced sustainably. With its 12 kg, this tent doesn’t pack small and light. The pack is BIG with 60 x 35 cm and while it’s not difficult to set up, this tent is not a project you want to pitch for a one-night stay. These might sound like a few cons, but the tent does provide lots of comfort when tent-camping for a significant amount of time on one place. It might look small on the picture, but it easily fits 4 people and lots of stuff! We were happy to not to have chosen the 6P version which must have been huge. We especially like the removable hood (for extra ventilation on hot clear days and nights), the convenient standing height of 215 cm in the central area and its well thought out details. We’ve bought the Badawi with its matching footprint to keep the bottom clean and dry.

Sustainable camping with VAUDE

Campsite Hoeve de Gastmolen | Our beautiful Vaude tent

Our beautiful Vaude tent

VAUDE is one of our favourite outdoor brands, because they have a very clear sustainability mission (read more about why we love this brand). Camping comes with respect for nature and we think that’s inherent to making conscious decisions about the outdoor gear you buy. VAUDE is dedicated to make the world a better place, by working on sustainable eco-friendly outdoor gear. Some stuff of VAUDE is made out of recycled coffee grounds and PET-bottles! This tent is PVC-free. Perfect add-on to your outdoor equipment when you ask us.

Our verdict on the VAUDE Badawi 4P

We love it! While writing this, I find that we should pitch the tent again soon. It’s been too long. Staying in this tent is just super comfy because it’s spacious, has a huge vestibule to put stuff of 4 people, is not too difficult to set up and of course it got bonus points for its ‘greeniness’.

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Last Updated on November 30, 2019

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