Robens Turbo Pot cooking pot review

by Igor
Robens Turbo Pot cooking pot review

On a few days of trekking to a Swiss mountain hut, we brought along the Robens Turbo Pot to cook our lunch. A cooking pot is quite essential to bring on a multi-day trekking trip. This Turbo Pot of Robens is a lightweight (310 g) cooking pot with 1,2 litre (40,5 oz) capacity and comes in a mesh bag. The perfect size for a one-pot meal for 2-3 people and has a really acceptable size to fit in a backpack.



Heat resistant exterior and super-fast boiler

We were very impressed by the clever heat exchanger at the base. The technique lets this pot heat super-fast and therefore it saves you a lot of butane. (We cooked on the Robens Fire Beetle stove about which we are quite excited.) The semi-transparent lid of the Robens Turbo Pot has a little steam outlet, the pot has a foldable and lockable handle, and the neoprene sleeve around the pot is heat resistant. So yes, you can take the pot from the stove barehanded! Our small Robens Fire Beetle Stove fits inside the pot, together with some herbs, salt and pepper and even some cutlery.

Our verdict: the Robens Turbo Pot cooking pot is efficient, compact and offers great quality for its price

Using the Robens Turbo Pot during hikeAll in all, this is a very light and efficient cooking pot designed for lightweight backpacking excursions, trekking or wild camping. Our personal experience with the Robens Turbo Pot is very positive (although we must say we didn’t try another brand). Compared to the (maybe better known) Jetboil cooking pot (which has 0,3l more capacity, or more) the Robens Turbo Pot is almost 1/3 cheaper in price. So, you might first want to decide how wild you want to go on the outdoor cooking. On top of it all, the Robens Turbo Pot fits on most burners from other brands too. Do we recommend the Turbo pot? Yes!


Disclaimer: Robens sponsored the Turbo Pot. We wrote about our personal experience with this equipment and being sponsored didn’t change our opinion.

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