Robens Fire Beetle stove review

by Pete
Robens Fire Beetle Stove review

On a few days of trekking through the Swiss mountains this Summer, we brought along our Robens Fire Beetle stove to cook a bit on the trails. Cooking gear is essential to bring on a multi-day trekking trip. We combined this Robens stove with the Robens Turbo Pot. The Robens Fire Beetle stove is a light and compact burner with a foldaway foot that comes in a small mesh bag.



Sturdy, save and lightweight mini stove

The Robens Fire Beetle stove is a free-standing stove with braided stainless steel hose that needs to be attached to a fuel canister. It simply is a sturdy, save and lightweight mini stove to cook on in the outdoors. Large enough to be used with a decent sized pot and it even holds our Bialetti coffee percolator. The flame of this stove is controllable with a small knob at the end of the hose (close to the canister). We were able to boil some trail food in like 5 seconds when we combined it with the super-sonic Robens Turbo Pot, but you’re also able to simmer with it using a small flame. When folded, the stove fits easily inside an outdoor cooking pot. To be honest, we have no cons to mention about it.

Our verdict on the Robens Fire Beetle stove

We like this burner with its foldaway foot, because it feels more stable than a burner which is placed on top of a gas canister. Robens created the stable pot support for safe cooking. What’s really nice about the foot, is that you can safely place the burner on uneven grounds with it.

Disclaimer: Robens sponsored the Fire Beetle stove. We wrote about our personal experience with this equipment and being sponsored didn’t change our opinion.

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