Review outdoor party lights

by Pete

Happiness all over your camp! When I think of a really nice tent setting, I imagine a tent on the waterside with a bonfire in front of it and some light bulbs around the entrance. Bring some party lights to decorate your own camp and to easily find your way back when taking a leak in the middle of the night. I love those LED light bulbs. They’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use and work on a simple battery (never had to change the battery during a whole camping season). Sometimes, I also use them indoor (when I forgot to bring some flash lights to hang on the ceiling).


Where to buy them?

I often get the question where I bought this light string. Well, that was at a very Dutch shop called Blokker (Sarah Jessica Parker is in their TV ads, but most probably you don’t know this shop when your’re not from The Netherlands). Did some research for you though and I found out they’re also for sale at this online shop in the UK:

And for those in The Netherlands you can take a look here.


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