Odlo Women’s Original Warm Crew Top thermo wear review

by Pete

Nothing worse than not being able to catch sleep because of the cold. As long as you stay warm and comfy, sleeping in a tent is no problemo at all. Last summer I camped in Belgium with my sister and I forgot to bring enough warm clothes. Thought I didn’t need them in summertime… ERROR. I was lucky that my sister is always well prepared so I could borrow some of her thermo wear. After this experience, I never left withouth my thermo wear ever again. Wintertime or summertime. So this Odlo Original Warm Crew shirt basically became my pyjama now. I’m wearing it together with a Odlo tight for men (haha). Thermo wear is quite an investment, but trust me, it’s REALLY worth the money and lots of brands last for a long time. Big chance I’ll be still wearing this shirt in 2027 (what?! Yes!).


Maximum benefit

I learned that to really benefit your thermo wear, it should be exactly your fit and you should wear it on bare skin. So no shirts underneath it. Think you’re a medium? Probably better pick a small. Being tight on your skin, the special fabrics can really do their isolation job well. Odlo has a lot of different fabrics to pick from, but I especially like this model. Because it’s soft on the inside (has a so-called ‘brushed interior’) and has a longer cut at the back so you can close your night wear off by tucking it in your pants.

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