Eco SouLife Camper set tableware review

by Pete

When you’re all into sustainability, just like me, then you should definitely take a look at the stuff of Eco SouLife. With a clear sustainability and zero-waste mission, they offer camp kitchen stuff made out of bamboo and other eco-friendly materials. Say ‘no’ to plastic waste, whoop whoop! Check out their camper set with plate, bowl, cup and cutlery.


Don’t trash, but give back to nature

The camper set has so many pro’s, I think it should be part of any camper’s kitchen. Every item is dishwasher safe, heat resistant (up to 120°c or 248°F) and once buried in the ground, these products will dissolve back into the earth. Pick your favorite colour to match your other camping gear. #loveit #leavenothingbutfootprints

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