Big Agnes mtnGLO® Tent & Camp Lights review

by Pete
mtnGLO®Tent & Camp Light

To find your ‘whatever’ in the tent, to create a romantic atmosphere in the outdoors or just because… This super cute tent and camp light is a nice-to-have add-on to your camping gear. The mtnGLO® Tent & Camp Lights are part of Big Agnes’ mtnGLO® range. It’s basically a light string made of durable LED lights to illuminate your tent or the campsite. We just love them! (And now we can’t hit the outdoors without them.)



Our verdict on the mtnGLO® Tent & Camp Lights

mtnGLO®Tent & Camp Lights stringThe light string comes in a triangular shaped bag. Or… the triangular shaped light contains a light string. This says it all: you can use the light (string) in 2 different ways. Attach the string festively in your tent or on the campsite, or simply use it as the triangle lantern. To be honest, I thought the light would be bigger than it is in reality. My fault, because I simply didn’t check its size before ordering it online. The pyramid shaped case measures 5.5″ / 14cm. The light string inside is 100″ / 254cm long and has 4 convenient clips on it. Anyways, we just love it because it’s super light, it’s easy to attach (to almost anything), it can be powered by a USB source (or 3 rechargeable AAA batteries) and because it brings good vibes into the tent and to the campsite.

Pick your favourite colour and light mode

The mtnGLO® Tent & Camp Lights come in different colours: red, white, blue/green. We own the white one, since I thought that fits a natural environment best. Time to party? Turn it on disco mode! You know…, this is just one of those items you don’t really need, but once you get it, you don’t want to camp without it anymore.

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