Big Agnes doublewide Dream Island 15˚ sleeping bag review

by Pete

The brand Big Agnes caught our interest because of their sustainable vision on creating outdoor gear. Their gear looks fresh, bold and is made from an eco-friendly mindset. While we travelled through Canada earlier this year, I thought we needed to try their doublewide Dream Island sleeping bag. It looked so super comfy and cozy! Like Big Agnes says: in case you need to hold your cuddle bug close. Since shipping Big Agnes gear to The Netherlands is quite expensive (at this moment), we ordered it during our stay in Canada. And yes! This one really is phenomenal when you want to keep up some romance while camping.



Our thoughts about the Big Agnes Dream Island 15˚ sleeping bag

I wouldn’t say it’s exactly like your own duvet at home, but it IS comfy and a very good ‘camping duvet’. Plenty of space in there (really enough for 2 persons), two separate pockets to slide your own pillow in and which keeps it in place all night, an internal hood drawcord to tighten the hood on more chilly nights, a zipper on each side to enter and exit on either side (zippers not really robust to my taste though) and you can stretch the bottom of the sleeping bag around your mat to keep it put. We stretched our double sleeping bag around our Klymit double sleeping pad, but of course it fits two single or one double pad of Big Agnes best. The Dream Island 15 is insulated with FireLine™ Max synthetic which is a 50% post-consumer recycled insulation with blended fibers that maximize a warm sleeping experience (add the warmth of your cuddle bug!).

The only real downside I can mention about this double sleeping bag, is that I don’t think it will work during wintertime. The bottom of the sleeping bag is not insulated. Just thin fabric (like a comforter) underneath your body.

Great fit for car camping trips

Understandably, the sleeping bag packs rather large and is heavy to carry around. So I suggest not to bring it on a few days of trekking. It is perfect for car camping trips though or to have it in your trailer or RV. I love the rectangular shape of this sleeping bag. On the one hand because I can’t imagine to bring it during winter camping (you really need an extra sleeping bag liner plus a super insulated mat in that case), so you don’t need the mummy shape for extra warmth. On the other hand because you don’t want to fight for foot space while sharing a sleeping bag haha. I looooove to have it just for myself too!

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