Campsite De Roos • Beerze-Ommen (Overijssel)

by Pete

Yessssssssss people, NOW we truly found the perfect Dutch campsite. Campsite De Roos has existed for over 100 years already; the history of this perfect place goes back to 1909(!!!). They always aimed to keep their campground a peaceful place amidst of nature in the furthermore quite busy Netherlands. It’s like a true oasis. The campground is quite huge, but still you feel like camping on your own small private piece of nature. For me, this is it, with swallows playfully flying around you when wondering around this natural place and all… Camping De Roos might become Pete’s favourite of 2019. #Pete Gone Camping Netherlands.

Pete Gone Camping Netherlands: a perfect Dutch campground

Campsite De Roos has a splendid website and many people I know from the Dutch cities paid a visit before we did. I have to admit, that was also the reason I wasn’t reaaaaaaally looking forward to visiting this campsite at first. I mean, when so many urbanites stayed there already, what’s still there to discover?! What I was expecting was kind of a crowded hipsters paradise, but I couldn’t be more wrong! Now I am SO happy that we paid a visit to this almost perfect spot in Overijssel and I am SO taking back my prejudice (SORRY!). As a matter of fact, this is how I would want my own future campsite to be like.

Created by nature lovers, for nature lovers

After driving through the foresty area for a while (watch out for small wild animals and deer crossing), you hit the campsite with its cute reception. The entire atmosphere is super relaxed, it’s spacious, bushy, close to a river and you feel respect for nature in every bit of the campground. You can pick your private spot in a bushy area, on an open field close to the water or pitch your tent on ‘heathy’ grounds… There is so much diversity here. You can just feel that Campsite De Roos was created by nature lovers. I hope the new owner Huttopia will pay lots of effort to keep it the way it is today. Because this truly is campers’ heaven and this is what we hope to get when booking a spot on a Dutch campground.

#nomnom good food nearby?

Oh… you know what? We don’t know! And as a matter of fact, we really don’t care. Because we wanted to spend as much time on this campsite as possible. That’s why we got our groceries and homemade quiche at the small organic food store of Henriette on the campsite premises. And that small store is just perfect, offering everything you need! But we would even settle for canned soup + beer here. Unfortunately, we missed it, but there’s a vegan food truck visiting the campground once a week in high season. Tell us about the food if you had some!

Things to do around camping De Roos

Swim in the river ‘De Vecht’ which meanders through the campground, bike through the forest, hike the 3 trails that leave from the campsite, play at the fields of the campground, canoe, sup, do whatever you feel like on or around camping De Roos. You can rent bikes at the reception to cruise around the beautiful area. But there’s plenty of stuff to see close to your tent, caravan, campervan or whatever you’re camping in. Tiny birds nesting, a teahouse and of course the small beach that is perfect for some water fun or just relaxing… By the way, when you’re more into this ‘glamping’ thing, they have great rental tents and safari tents with a normal bed and kitchen available too. Or pick one of the beautiful small but ultra-comfortable bungalows in the woods.





Campsite De Roos
Beerzerweg 10
7736 PJ Beerze-Ommen
The Netherlands

Phone number: +31 (0)523 251234


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