Campsite Fjällnora friluftsområde • Uppsala (Uppsala län)

by Pete
Campsite Fjällnora friluftsområde | Fjallnora

Oh no! Almost forgot to review our last stay at Fjällnora friluftsområde in Sweden. This was the cheapest camping we stayed on, close to Stockholm. Only 30 SEK per person per night! The campsite is a beautiful place in the woods

Camping is a way to make your life one big adventure.


on a hill above the ‘standard’ campsite of Fjällnora From the parking area it’s a walk of a little less than 1 km uphill towards Käppbacken. The place gives you the feeling of wild camping while it offers you some sanitary and a fireplace for which you get free fire wood! Be aware of the ants when setting up your tent Fjällnora friluftsområde is a great place to chill out and have a canoe adventure or walk one of the wonderful trails (you can do the green loop in one hour).

Really loved this area…

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